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This is the part of my site that I get to tell you all about God's greatest creature on earth..That is right smcow.gif (970 bytes)s What would u like to know..Where shall I begin..Well I like dairy smcow.gif (970 bytes)s the best and u dont need to kill em so you can eat em..YUCK.. I dont think that they need to be killed at all but that is my view and i know i am going to get hell for having it but oh well... Here is a site smcow.gif (970 bytes)Lovers should go check out it is a page dedicated to stopping the stopping the killing of smcow.gif (970 bytes) suspected of having Mad smcow.gif (970 bytes)Disease. ...smcow.gif (970 bytes)s are really cool animals. They like to eat grass and give milk.They come in a few different colors. There are black smcow.gif (970 bytes)s, brown smcow.gif (970 bytes)s, white smcow.gif (970 bytes)s and mixed colored smcow.gif (970 bytes)s. Even though today smcow.gif (970 bytes)s are considered stupid animals that are good only for producing food, they have a fascinating history. smcow.gif (970 bytes)s Give us milk Give us beef Eat grass MOO! Walk around Sleep while standing and Produce fertilizer.. . You will find some kewl cow facts, cow links and cow pics on this page. If you have anything  to add to this page, please email me, icq me or yahoo page me. 

One of my fav places on the net to visit is Lavache means cow in french and this site is in both english and french. Check it out. And tell em cowlovergirl send ya. You can also find the link to that page on my links page....

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Milk is really kewl – a most excellent drink. But have you ever wondered where Milk comes from? How is it made? Why is it so good for you? To discover these awesome facts about milk keep reading… from Moo to you!!

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More udderly useless cow facts!

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When you look at a diary cow, you wouldn’t guess that she eats tones of food each year but it is true. Most of this food energy is used by the cow to make about 24 l of nutritious milk every day.
In order to make milk, a cow must first have a calf which happens when she is about two years old.
my newest cow, i got her the other day 
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