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Famous Canadians:

Canada seems to be home to a lot of famous people. Here is a brief list which I will update and add info to when I can.  Rest assured one day I too will be amoung these people! These are in no order. I have gotten this info from families, and friends. I also know a bunch of them.


Donald Sutherland. Born in St. Johns New Brunswick.

Amanda Marshell.  I think she is from halifax, nova Scotia.

Jason Priestly, Better known for his role on 90210.

Corey Haim.  Born in Toronto, Ontario.

Alanis Morissette.  Wild and Crazy singer songwriter who was born in     Ottawa, Ontario. 

Tom Green. This MTV Star was born and raised in Ottawa, Ontario.

Norm McDonald.   Born in Quebec.

William Shatner.  

Bryan Adams.  Born in Kingston, Ontario. 

Moist.  From Toronto.

Bruce Cockburn.  Born and raised in Ottawa, ONtario.

John Candy. 

Bare Naked Ladies.  This Toronto Born Band is so funny. 

Kids in the Hall.  All 5 members are canadians.

The Tea Party.  Number 1 on my list.  I love this band. They are probably my fav canadian people.

Cowboy Junkies.  ALl from Toronto, ONtario.

Sass Jordan.  From Montreal, Quebec.

Blue Rodeo.  I think they are from Toronto area

Rich Little.  

Neve Campbell, Actress better known for her roles in all 3 scream movies and Tv's Party of 5.  A Ballet Dancer who was born in Toronto, Ontario.

Brandan Fraser.  Brandon holds duel citizenship. He grew up in Switerland but his family moved to Toronto, Ontario.

Keanu Reeves.  Another person who holds duel citizenship.  Grew up in Hawaii moved to Tornoto, Ontario.

Paul Gross.  He was born in Alberta.

Bob & Doug Mckenzie.  Bob and Doug are actually Rick Moranis and Dave Thomas.  Both are from Toronto and defaintly the biggest Hosers I know!

Howie Mandell.  

Keifer Sutherland.  He moved to Tornoto, Ontario after his parents divorced in the 80's. 

Matthew Perry.  This funny guy grew up in Ottawa. 

Martin Short. 

Dan Aykroyd.

Mike Myers.  Mike was born in Ontario. 

Jim Carrey.  Probably the funniest Man alive!  He is such a great actor. He was born and raised in Toronto. He has been in a million movies and is now the highest paid actor.

Alan Thicke.  He was born and raised in Kirkland Lake, Ontario.

Phil Hartman.  He was born in Brantford, Ontario.  

Micheal J Fox.  He was born in Edmonton, ALbeta.  

Leslie Nielsen.  He was born in Regina.

Wayne Gretzy. DUH only the best hockey player in the world! Born in Branford, Ontario. There is a statue of him in Edmonton, Alberta.

Pamula Anderson Lee.  She is the baywatch beauty who was or is married to rocker Tommy Lee. She was born in Vancouver on Canada Day.

Natasha Henstridge.  Born in Newfoundland.

Jennifer Tilly. Last seen in that movie with Chucky. child's play.

Sarah Polley.  Was on the show Road to Avelenlee.. Last seen in the movie GO.

Carrie Ann Moss.  This actress was last seen on the movie The Matrix.  She was born in Vancouver.

Celine Dion. Born in Quebec, she was the youngest of 14 children.

Kd Lang.  SHe is trying her hand at acting now.

Paul Shaffer from Late NIght with David Letterman.  He was born in Thunder Bay, Ontario.

Anne Murray hasnt been seen in years, but none the less she is from canada.

Our lady peace is from Toronto. I have seen them and they rock!



Shania Twain. Probaly one of the most famous of the canadian singers.  She was born and raised in Timmis, Ontario.

Crash Test Dummies.  Best known for "the superman song"

Rush. Candian eh?

Tragically Hip.. They are from Toronto, Ontario.

The headstones. They have that song "i dont want to be buried in a pet semetary."

54-40.  They are cool!

Sarah McLachlin.  She was born in Vancouver.  Leads the Lillif Fair.

Ashley McIssac.  He is a fiddler who is really cool and was born on the coast of Halifax.

Corey Hart.  He likes to wear his sunglasses at night.  I actually knew members of his band personally.

The Moffetts.  3 brothers who i think are triplets who all hail from Toronto.


Alex Trebeck. How can i forget him? he is from Sudbury, Ontario which is a hop skip and a jump from me! In case you live under a rock he is the host of Jeopardy.

Todd McFarlene The Mcfarlene brothers who work on the series Spawn.

Kurt Browning. Famous Skater.

Alexander Graham Bell. Invented the phone in Branford, Ontario. THANK YOU ALEX

Bret the Hit man Hart is a professional wrestler.

James Cameron. He wrote and directed a lot of films including Titanic. He grew up in Niagara Falls, Ontario.

Linda Evangelista. A supermodel, used to be one of my favs.

Joshua Jackson.  Last seen on Dawson's Creek. Born in Vancouver.

Lord Stanley. Stanley Cup, he's the man who presented this silver trophy to Canada. It was originally supposed to encourage amateur hockey, but now is the coveted prize each year in the NHL (National Hockey League).

Dionne Quints. Born in North Bay, Ontario. First set of 5 babies to be born.


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Thanks to my family & friends for this info. If you have any info email me with it.