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  cows.gif (354 bytes) Hello there. My name is Angela. AKA Cowlovergirl. Thanks for stopping by my web of wonder. My webpage is going to be featured in the Tripod Member of the Week 

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I am 24 years old (may 14, 1976) I am from Canada eh? Born and raised in Ontario. But currently in Texas. I met my love of my life Mickey on Icq 2 years ago. For more on that story check out mick & me. I have a Rottie/Sheppard mix puppy dog (whos 2) named KING who i love very much. We also have two kittys One is named PEZ. & The other is named Shadow. And 2 puppies. Jedi & Nakita. I am an only child *whoo hoo*  I collect cow stuff. That is why i got the nickname Cowlovergirl. I have over 900 different cow things including a cow tattoo.. From cow spotted dishes, to cow spotted toilet paper. Its no wonder I don't live on a farm. I started to collect cows 9 years ago and what was just a simply collection turned into an obsession. But that seems to happen a lot with anything i collect. I have a club in yahoo for my collecting problem I have. Lol Called cowlovergirls cornor. I hope you will join..I now have almost 400 PEZ dispensers. I also collect beanies, a few Barbie's and of course we have a zillion star wars things. Mick is addicted to star wars stuff. He is a true die hard fan who probably would stand in line now for Episode 2 if he could. *ask him its no lie* I have my tongue pierced (no it didn't hurt and yes i can eat just fine with it) I got it mainly cause Mick had his done, and he said i would be too chicken to do it. He doesn't have his in anymore. Imagine paying $100.00 for someone to stick a hole in my tongue. Take a look at my photos you will see I'm normal. I promise ya :) I enjoy spending my time writing fiction and poetry. I am trying to get back into the whole writing scene so maybe one day soon you will see my book published. *Hey a girl can dream can't she?* I also enjoy movies and once worked for a number of years in a movie store. I would love to own my own someday. I am a really friendly person, and i if you share any of my same interests, or even if you don't and if your on icq message me, I'd love to meet you. (12587165) You can also send me email.. Anyways, I know what your thinking *get on with it already* so without further ado. you will find all my fav stuff on my page  and much more. Take the stuck in the 80s quiz, and pass it on, enjoy the naughty little poem. I also have a bit dedicated to The doughboy. Also throw a snowball at someone today! I hope to keep the snowball fight going all year! Sit back and relax, take your time going threw my page, feel free to bookmark it as i change it quite often. Please support my links page, you could be featured there someday. Also sign the guest book & let me know you were here. Thanks and come back now you hear eh? If you want to make the easiest $5.00 of your life go ahead and click on the paypal link :) 

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my tattoo is on my right ankle

by Rapid Axcess


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my member # is 0222077 please say that i referred you. Thanks

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If you collect anything than please join my club for people who collect stuff. Its called Cowlovergirl's Cornor. More than 250 members now, come check us out!!

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Thanks for stopping by.. please come back again and again and sign my guestbook okay..

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