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My poetry


I wish I was a Bird
Flying oh so very high
I wish I was a Dog
So i never had to cry
I wish I was a fish
Who never had to care
I wish I was a Dove
Make it two, a Pair
I wish I was Popular
Even for one day
I wish I was a Cow
Rolling around in Hay
One day I will not wish to be
All these things, one day I will
wish that i could just be me





Love is In the Air


Love is In the Air

I Can Feel It Everywhere

Cupid’s arrow has taken aim

Nothing seems to be the same

Don’t know how I got this way

All I know is I hope it here to stay

The love I feel is so real

What I wouldn’t give to touch you and feel

We are separated by miles and miles

We can only see each other threw icq files

Someday we will be together

This way we will stay forever

I look at your photo each and every day

Awaiting the time when you will come my way

So we can share this love so dear

So we can show that we both have nothing to fear

We have met in so many different places

We have shared each other in so many spaces

That I know that this love is for real

I am waiting the day when we can both show how we feel

The thought of meeting you so soon

Have gotten my hormones in full bloom

Until this time I will cherish

The very thought of a hopeful marriage

Because I know in my heart that once we are together

We will stay that way forever!


Our trip

Our adventure begins

Where it ends

The airport is this place with all its turns and bends

Happy memories and sad ones too

Will fill my heart forever

I will try not to feel very blue

Driving on the 401 was rough

But you were there

To ensure that I was so tough

I am the woman and you are the man

I love you to death

I am your biggest fan

Sleeping beside you was so great

Kissing you awake

Almost always made us late

We were forever lost

You never made a fuss

We took cabs, the subway and the go bus

Canada’s wonderland was so very cool

I loved top gun and drop zone

Even though I screamed like a fool

We were not afraid of anything this week

We went to metallica, Niagara Falls and walking around

I was not scared maybe cause I was with my geek

You thought I had said I had to shit

Did I tell u I was on the subway

All this is so funny you must admit

You noticed the difference in stuff over here

The squeeze left signs the people movers

And our obsession with Molson Canadian beer

Trying to find a dr.pepper and great food

Was like mission impossible

And now I say words like y’all and dude

Our languages are different yet the same

Cantex will be an awesome one to learn

English now seems so lame

I didn’t get my eyebrow done

And we missed the xfiles

But other than that I had so much fun

It is a shame that our buns arent filled with cheese

Our fountain pop bites huge time

You even missed me sneeze

Biting will never be the same

You really hated that

It drived you insane

That my heart feels like it has reached its doom

But you have made me so very happy

That is why I am writing you this poem

Even If it is dumb and sappy

I will say farewell for now

I have your shirt, some photos

And even my new cow

I just want you to know that I love you so much

You are so special to me

I can’t wait to feel your touch


I wrote these 2 poems a while ago before & after mick and I met in person. Dont laugh. I will put more up, and maybe some samples of my stories.


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