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It is that time of the year again.. Time for a really great snowball fight!!

Don't just sit there grab a snowball and hit somebody.. Lets keep this snowball fight going all year. Here is a snowball for you, take it.. Throw it!

this many people have already been hit!

since Dec 2/99

Hit Counter

Throw a snowball at all your ICQ friends by sending this page to them!

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1.) Click on the person's name

2.) Select 'Web Page Address (URL)'

3.) Click on 'More', then 'Multiple Recipients'

4.) Check the names you wish to send this page to

5.) Click 'Send'

Sign my guestbook - Let me know where your from and how many times you got hit!

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come check out the rest of my place!!!

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03/31/00 08:52 PM

icq me @ 12587165




my member # is 0222077 please say that i referred you. Thanks


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